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Arizona law provides that both parents have a duty to provide financial support for their child, the amount of which is determined using the formula found in the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

Unless both parents have equal income and equal parenting time and neither or both pay for extras like health insurance and daycare, one parent is generally going to end up paying child support to the other to equalize the total support amount determined under the Guidelines.  That parent’s obligation continues until the order is modified or the child reaches the age of majority and graduates from high school.  However, when the child reaches the age of majority and graduates from high school, the child support order does not automatically terminate.  Rather, the parties, or either of them, must file a motion with the Court to terminate the order.

Child support is paid from one parent to the other through a State apparatus known as the Support Clearinghouse, which processes the payment and sends it on to the other parent.  When the parent required to pay child support (known as the payor) is employed by someone other than himself/herself, his or her payments are typically withheld from his or her paycheck and paid by his or her employer to the Support Clearinghouse pursuant to an Income Withholding Order.  When the payor is not employed or is self-employed, he or she must pay his or her child support obligation directly to the Support Clearinghouse.  This can be done online, through the mail, or in person at a Division of Child Support Services office.

If a payor gets behind in making payments, that can spell trouble for him or her.  Interest accrues on past-due payments and can build up quickly.  The other parent or the State of Arizona can pursue the past-due balance (known as an arrearage) in court and the court can select from a variety of remedies, including issuing an arrest warrant, to compel the payor to comply.  Paying child support is a serious obligation.  Courts generally do not care what your excuse is for not paying.  In the eyes of the law in Arizona, supporting one’s child comes before all other financial obligations.

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